Monday, 23 June 2014

Chapter::4-The Symbol of Love

The two were looking very beautiful and every one said the pair is made for each other. Then the days are going by and the family is not making so much money and the family got one more person and the family decided to take the girl too to the agricultural field for work.
Now, This caused a clash in the family as the girl’s father don’t wanted to see her daughter working like a labor as he never thought of this to happen to her angel. Even she told her father that “when my family is doing this work why not me? i can’t be an excuse. This is my family dad, I am sorry”, Then her father said “I am sorry with tears in his eyes” and he left.
Now, the days are going by and then one day after almost a year there was a good news in the family that she going to have a baby. She is going to be the mother. Everyone in the family did what they can and every one taking good care of her. But the family’s younger son he got angry that everyone looking after her well and no one is taking care of him. He won’t even let her have the egg laid by their hen by signing that “I brought the hen, so egg is also mine”. But, she used to think that he was a kid and let him have it.
After nine months on October 28th, she gave birth to a baby at her mother’s house and then her father wrote a letter to her husband regarding the baby without mentioning and eventually confusing that whether it was a boy or a girl. He explained everything in the letter about the eyes; color and finally confused them without telling the gender, so that they can rush away to look at their baby. The letter was reached after 2 days at that time and the whole family started very next minute. On the way, the family has the tension in their mind regarding whether that was a girl so that it would be very difficult for them to do her wedding. But, our hero thought that whether it was a girl or boy I would not stop working from now till his/her every wish will be completed.

When they reached the hospital with lots of hope and smile on their faces, there was the baby boy sleeping and as the whole family was there in the ward room, the baby woke up and started to cry. Everyone is looking at his big eyes and slowly hero went her touched the baby’s soft skin, he touched his small hands and feet and told to his son “I will promise you, whatever you want, ask me, I will put my whole energy to get you that”. Then he looked at his wife and with lots love in his eyes along with tears told her “I LOVE YOU”, and then kissed on her forehead.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Chapter III:The first Meet-The First Love

It was the time for both, our heroine and hero to see each other. At the first he felt that someone is really sent by God. He liked everything about her in his first look. She is shy, scared, innocent, cute and looking like an angel. He felt he was the luckiest person in this world. This is the first time he believed in some luck and God.

As a tradition in the Indian marriages the elders asked the boy about his opinion about the girl. Since he entered in to the house, he was dying to look into her eyes but she never raised her head. Then same was the question for the girl, she didn’t say anything. She simply nodded her head as ok with seeing him. But the boy then said I wanted to see her face, I can’t see her face clearly. She slowly raised her face and just had a look at him. When he saw her eyes they are full of tears, hands were shivering, and face is completely red like all the blood is clotted on the face. Then wearing a smile on his face the boy said, I like her. But even then she didn’t see him clearly as her eyes are filled with tears.

Then their marriage date and time was fixed on April 12th.On that day in presence of the relatives and friends the marriage was seemed to be an event once for lifetime. The couple look made for each other, most of them believed marriages are made in heaven. 

The post marriage, on the same day the girl has to be sent to the boy’s house. That was full of cries and sad. Girl was crying hugging her father tight so as her father.
 But then the boy said, this is the last time you can cry because of sad, from now I don’t make you cry like this ever in my life, you only have tears in your eyes with happiness.

Then everyone felt happy and they sent the bride and bridegroom to their house. It is the time love blossomed in her for him. This is the new beginning of love.

To Be Continued…

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chapter-II::Two Strangers

Family-I: It was the elder daughter’s marriage; everyone is sad to leave her but was a happy occasion. After some days of that occasion, the elder has got the job offer as a teacher in an educational institute for which he has to go to some other town. But his mother don’t want to send him so far as he is her life and they don’t even have the money for bus charges to go to that town and to stay there as a result of their elder daughter’s marriage in which they all their earnings till then.

He is very sad that all his effort was gone waste but he doesn’t want to hurt his mother by asking about it as he know that she can’t live without him. But he wanted to learn some work for livelihood so he went his relatives’ house in the nearest town, and he wanted to learn vehicle mechanism there. days were passing by, but his soul is not willing to continue, so he returned home after 5-6 months and he joined as the government supervisor for schools of that village where he earn 300 per month in 1980s.he was 22 by then the family decided to marry him and started to looking for a beautiful girl. He is sad that he couldn’t do his favorite job of becoming a teacher because of his family but on the other side he is so happy that he got a family that only love him not the money even in their worse situations.

Family-II: By then, the situation in here is also the same that, the elder daughter of the house got married with one of their relative. The second girl was 16 by then and they wanted to marry her. It is absolutely true that the girls are used to get married at a very early age in those times that too more in India.

So, her father started to look for prince for his beautiful daughter. He met a lot of his old friends and relatives so that he can choose a best person for his daughter. He has mixed feelings that, one side he was happy to choose a best person for his daughter but on the other side he is crying inside thinking that he about to lose her daughter for ever. He is afraid of the situations at the boys that how his daughter could live without them and how they could live without her because she is the most strength to her father and family.

From one his friends, he got to know about the hero of our story. He went to their village and inquired about the boy and he was so happy that he got the prince for his daughter. He went home with lots of joy and told everything to his wife and then decided to tell her daughter that the boy and his family are coming to see her day after tomorrow. Soon he said these words; she started to cry hugging her dad eventually her father too. They love each other a lot…

To Be Continued…..

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Chapter:1-Two Families

Today, I am going to tell you about a real story that is very touching and the affection is the main appetite for the story. The title of the story itself is mentioned as INFINITY which is in sense to love and affection in the story every where. It being posted as different chapters, It is a true story.

Family I:: It is a small village in India. There are hardly 3000 houses in the village. It is all about one of the poor& large families of Indian Community. Family includes 7 people two boys, two girls, father and mother and a grandmother. Father used to be a worker (maid) in the one of the big man’s house in the village. He is the trustworthy, hardworking man who belongs to a strong ethical family. For them ethics comes first before everything. Mother used to go to work in crop fields with her kids. They first have girl, then two boys and then again a girl. Father and mother felt that the boys should study and make them proud. They worked hard and what may come, they are taking good care of their kids.

The first shock to the family from Authority (God) is their younger son could talk, he is mute. They consulted many doctors with what they have to know whether anything can be done. No one could help because it is a birth problem. So their all hope is their elder son, he became their life. He started going to school, except him, every one go to work. Their monthly earnings are sometimes nothing as the family is big and they have one child going to school also, but they are enjoying every thing because the family is large but it is a lovely family. The love among the family is INFINITY. 

Family II:: Here is another family from the same state but from a different district in India. It is also a very small village with around 1000-1500 families in the village. The family has a total of 5 members. First they had a girl and she could not make it in the world they lost her within a year. After that they have three more girls who they thought to take a very good care of and they became their life. We can realize that “Father is the first love for a girl” after seeing their bond. Father is the One of the small government employee in that village.

Those are the days when a girl’s education is not even thought of. So the girls used to stay at home helping their mother. They have a small crop field of about 2 acres in which they used to grow rice and wheat. Elder and younger girls are used to stay at home helping their mother and they are not used to go to field also. But the middle girl is the father’s most favorite and she is best friend of him. She used to be a stubborn, always wanted to be with her father and even goes to field to help her father. Both used to go to the crop field on their own bicycle which he got as a dowry. She is his most lovable daughter. This is a colourful family that has love at INFINITY level.

To Be Continued……